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Dar Chi

Handmade Amazigh Kilim Rug Tighassaline. FREE SHIPPING

Handmade Amazigh Kilim Rug Tighassaline. FREE SHIPPING

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Amazigh Kilim rugs are a type of flat-woven rug that has been handmade by Amazigh artisans for centuries. They are made using wool or other natural fibers and feature intricate Berber designs and patterns.

The most used symbol in Kilim is the talisman, Known for protection and other Amazigh symbols for fertility and fortune.

Amazigh Kilim rugs are known for their durability and versatility. They are often used as floor coverings but can also be hung on walls or used as decorative throws.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Natural wool

Width: 140 cm/4.6 ft, length: 250 cm/8.2 ft.

Origin: Middle Atlas. Morocco

Color: Butter white with colorful patterns

Weight: 4Kg

Ref: BOWO1068

Made in the Atlas Mountains with Love. FREE SHIPPING

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