About Dar Chi. ⴷⴰⵔ ⵛⵉ

Dar Chi. ⴷⴰⵔ ⵛⵉ (in Tifinagh) is exclusively an online Amazigh Marketplace.

We are passionate about sharing the beauty and culture of our Amazigh traditions, and strive to offer authentic, high-quality products that reflect our rich heritage. Each product is sourced directly from Amazigh Moroccan artisans ensuring high quality craftsmanship and authenticity. Whether you're interested in adding some unique decor to your home or trying our natural skin care rituals, Dar Chi is a great choice for anyone who appreciates our rich cultural heritage.

Our mission is to preserve the richness of Amazigh culture beyond Morocco and support Morocco’s highly skilled craftswomen in achieving just wages and living conditions. 

Thank you for choosing to shop with us. We hope you have a fantastic experience. 

With love, 

Hind Bitouche. Founder of Dar Chi. ⴷⴰⵔ ⵛⵉ

African, Moroccan and Amazigh mom. Dubai. UAE

Ait Ben Haddou- ancient Amazigh village in the Atlas Mountains by Evgenia Silvina