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Amazigh floor Sofa Silas Set. FREE SHIPPING

Amazigh floor Sofa Silas Set. FREE SHIPPING

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The Dots White Floor Cushion has become a favorite style among designers worldwide. Its simplistic yet sophisticated design has captured the attention of many in the industry. The clean white color and the dotted pattern on the cushion make it a versatile piece that can easily blend with different décor styles. Its neutral hue allows it to seamlessly fit into any space, whether it’s a modern minimalist living room or a bohemian-inspired bedroom.

This Set consists of- 2 places:

  • 2 Handmade rug floor cushions , 60x60x20 cm / 24x24x8 Inch.
  • 2 Handmade rug back cushion , 60x40x10 cm / 24x16x4 Inch.
  • 4 Cotton zipped insert bags for easy stuffing.

Material : Wool

All our products come unstuffed with a solid zipper. You can fill them easily with various materials like foam, polystyrene, old clothes, fibers or cotton.

The offer also include 15% off for any rug choosed from the shop to be shipped  with the Sofa :)

For all our shop, we offer DHL express Door-to-Door FREE SHIPPING from Morocco to UAE & KSA. We will provide the tracking number.

Processing time :3-5 business days.

Made in the Atlas Mountains Love. FREE SHIPPING

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