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Handmade Amazigh Sofa- Itto. FREE SHIPPING

Handmade Amazigh Sofa- Itto. FREE SHIPPING

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Amazigh floor Sofa- Cotton from handmade Amazigh rug sofa cover 180x70x15 cm.

All the cushions come unstuffed. Due to the solid zipper, you can fill it easily with various materials like foam, polystyrene, old clothes, fibers or cotton.

- 1 Handmade rug Sofa cover , 180x70x15 cm / 72x28x06 Inch.
- 5 Handmade rug back cushion , 60x40 cm / 24x16 Inch.
- 6 Cotton zipped Pouches for easy stuffing.

Material : Cotton (from a handmade rug)

Please note : All the cushions are unstuffed and we sell only the covers and the insert pages.

Ref: SA03OP254

Made in the Atlas Mountains with Love. FREE SHIPPING

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