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Handmade Amazigh sofa Set Lalla. FREE SHIPPING

Handmade Amazigh sofa Set Lalla. FREE SHIPPING

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The White Beni Floor Cushions have gained immense popularity due to their exceptional elegance and versatility. These cushions possess a unique charm that effortlessly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space. Moreover, their ability to be shaped in various positions, making them not only comfortable but also highly functional. Whether used for lounging, meditating, or even as an alternative seating arrangement, these cushions effortlessly mold to accommodate different preferences and needs.

This Set consists of :

  • 3 Handmade rug floor cushions , 60x60x20 cm / 24x24x8 Inch.
  • 3 Handmade rug back cushion , 60x40x10 cm / 24x16x4 Inch.
  • 6 Cotton zipped insert bags for easy stuffing.

Optional : Side cushions – Two side cushions 50x20x15 cm / 20x8x6 Inch (In case of choosing)

Material : Wool

The offer also include 15% off for any rug selected from the shop to be shipped with the Sofa :)

Ref SA03ST01

All our products come unstuffed with a solid zipper. You can fill them easily with various materials like foam, polystyrene, old clothes, fibers or cotton.

For all our shop, we offer DHL express Door-to-Door FREE SHIPPING from Morocco to UAE & KSA and we will provide the tracking number.

Processing time :3-5 business days.

Made in the Atlas Mountains with Love. FREE SHIPPING

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