Amazigh names with style and heart ⵉⵍⵍⵉ.

Amazigh names with style and heart ⵉⵍⵍⵉ.

Amazigh names are rich in cultural heritage and carry a profound beauty that reflects our history, traditions and connection to our land- Tamzgha. 

They draw inspiration from the natural environment, virtues, aspirations, or qualities that Amazigh parents wish to instill in their children. They also have historical significance honoring legendary figures or important events in Amazigh history. 

My top favorite: 

Illi.ⵉⵍⵍⵉ: My daughter 

Kahina.ⴽⴰⵀⵉⵏⴰ: Legendary queen and warrior 

Titrit. ⵜⵉⵜⵔⵉⵜ: Star 

Massinissa.ⵎⴰⵙⵉⵏⵉⵙⵙⴰ: Famous Nimidian king 

Ziri.ⵣⵉⵔⵉ: Moonshine 

Yimlul.ⵢⵉⵎⵍⵓⵍ: Good health 

Zdan.ⵣⴷⴰⵏ: Delight 

...Discover more in our Amazigh collections. 

With Love, 

Hind Bitouche-Founder of Dar Chi. ⴷⴰⵔ ⵛⵉ 

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