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Dar Chi

Handmade Amazigh sofa- Idder. FREE SHIPPING

Handmade Amazigh sofa- Idder. FREE SHIPPING

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Amazigh floor sofa Cactus Silk

- 3 Handmade rug floor cushions , 60x60x20 cm / 24x24x8 Inch.
- 3 Handmade rug back cushion , 60x40x10 cm / 24x16x4 Inch.
- 6 Cotton zipped insert bags for easy stuffing.

Width: 24in, height 24in, depth 8in

Material : Cactus Silk

Available in 3 styles: 1, 2 and 3 seats.

All our products come unstuffed with a solid zipper. You can fill it easily with various materials like foam, polystyrene, old clothes, fibers or cotton.

Made in the Atlas Mountains with Love. FREE SHIPPING


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